Who we are

Indigenous, homegrown
community based


Narú was registered as a Guatemalan non-profit Association in 2010. It now runs three training centres, one fixed and several outreach clinics in one of the most marginalised, rural regions of the country. 

We partner with two 501(c)(3) organisations in the USA, and are approved by the Charities Aid Foundation in the UK. 

Narú is led by Yvonne Sinclair (British/Swiss), who founded the organisation after developing projects in the area for seven years. Our volunteer Board includes British, Canadian, Spanish and indigenous Guatemalan members, bringing extensive NGO experience and providing in-country support.  

Team Narú

Our skilled and intrepid health workers are all bilingual Spanish/Q’eqchi’ with deep understanding of traditional Mayan practices. Professional backgrounds in the Ministry of Health help them to collaborate with other service providers on data, planning and facilities.  

Their counterpart food production workers are similarly experts in local cultivation and its culture, and are dedicated to training families in horticulture, agriculture and poultry raising.

Most Narú workers stay on our remote sites, often without phone signal. It is thanks to their commitment that we see such marked improvements in the health and nutritional status of the families we serve.


Narú Centre

Thelma Caal
Auxiliary Nurse

Lic. Luvia Caal
Professional Nurse

Roberto Mendoza
Field Manager

Ochoch Solly

Felix Caal
Health Co-ordinator

Oscar Tiul
Agro Trainer

Sebastian Xe
Agro Trainer

Mario Chub
Agro Technician

Ochoch Charmak

Leonel Teni
Health Co-ordinator

Abelino Caal
Food Production Trainer

Frederico Chub
Agro Technician

Antigua Office

Yvonne Sinclair
Narú Director

Luis Xar
Admin Co-ordinator