Our aim

Sustainable families

Narú was born with one purpose – to improve the health and wellbeing of marginalised Q’eqchi’ Maya in north-east Guatemala. In practice we prioritise the reduction of infant and maternal death and illness.

Our team works in difficult conditions to recuperate children with severe malnutrition at home, while addressing its causes through integrated programmes; health care and health education, family planning, food production and small-scale agriculture.

Training is given at our three sites and in outreach clinics, as well as directly in the homes of families in scores of remote communities. In the process we collaborate closely with government health services and agencies, other institutions, village committees and volunteer community midwives, who we actively support.

Every year some 600 of the most vulnerable families in the region become healthier and more sustainable as a result of working together with Narú.

Zero hunger

The United Nations Sustainable Development Goal No.2

These goals address the global challenges we face to create a better world for all. Narú’s aim aligns with goal No.2, which is
"to achieve food security and improved nutrition and promote sustainable agriculture".

“Hunger and malnutrition mean less productive individuals, who are more prone to disease and thus often unable to earn more and improve their livelihoods.”